Set inside an automaton clock, Little Darling tells the story of the enduring love between the clock’s two characters and their frustrations with being unable to embrace after the clock becomes old and broken. When the boy stumbles upon a method to free himself from the clock’s mechanism, he must go on a dangerous adventure to save the one he loves……


The Band

With it’s sweet infectious melodies, memorable riffs and compelling storytelling, The Secret City makes an impact on the first listen. Their music is an original blend of folk, pop, soul, funk and rock. The name of the band is as intriguing as the music itself.  “For us, The Secret City isn’t a physical place that exists somewhere” states guitarist Brendan Morello.  “When we refer to The Secret City we are referring to a place inside of us, a sacred place.  It’s kind of spiritual. Everyone has this place within side them but not everyone knows how to access it.”

As a live act The Secret City is a bad ass combination of three dynamic musicians whose performances are electric and engaging, bringing the audience to a frenzy with unexpected passion and power.

The band has toured consistently over the past two years, making strong impacts in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland and has been played regularly on radio stations around Australia and the world.

The Secret City are currently recording a follow up to their debut album and Little Darling is the first single which introduces more of a pop influence. Perhaps a preview of what’s to come.



The Clip

Little Darling was produced by Sydney-based CG animation house Big Cookie Studios and attracted a highly creative team with a unique mix of both experience and aspiring talent.